We have developed a variety of web tutorials and guides to help faculty develop instructional materials for the classroom and the Web.   They are listed below:

Classroom Management

  • Banner – for accessing class rosters, add authorization codes, and submitting final grades
  • TurnItin – plagiarism prevention software used to review student papers
  • Grading software – systems you can use to record grades for your classes

Online Teaching and Communication

Contingent Teaching, Related Methodologies and Research Findings

Web Activities, Content, and web page development

  • Web Assessment tools – rubric makers for use in on campus and online classes
  • Web page development –  A process for understanding web page development and picking web page development tools
  • Media and Accessibility – making sure that your course materials are accessible for all learners including those with disabilities
  • Xythos – web file storage system for storing files
  • Copyright Info – information that you should know before you use other people’s materials in your classes

Information on Prerequisites/Co-requisites

  • Prerequisites and Co-requisites (Powerpoint presentation) – by Dr. Gwyer Schuyler, Vanessa Pelton, and Dean Keith McLellan – Counseling and Guidance

Student Success Intervention Techniques

The main goal of Santa Barbara City College’s Early Alert to Student Success Program is to increase student success by having faculty refer students who are having difficulties in their courses to related Student Support Services on campus.  SBCC’s Early Alert to Student Success program asks faculty to use SARSALRT to make referrals to student support services on campus.

SARSALRT is a web-based software that allows faculty to easily and quickly make referrals to relevant student support services on campus.  Students are notified of the faculty’s concerns via their SBCC Pipeline Email and are encouraged to take advantage of the recommended services.  Once the student utilizes the referred support service, an email is sent to the referring faculty letting the faculty know that the referral has been completed.

For more information (faculty/student testimonials, video demo, user guide) please see http://www.sbcc.edu/ctl/earlyalertreferral.php

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