Book Grant

We are no longer accepting Book Grant applications for Summer 2024, and the Book Grant will no longer be available beginning Fall 2024. All Summer 2024 applicants will be contacted via email. Students registered in Fall 2024 courses will be responsible for textbooks and course material costs.

Vaquero Best Practices

  • Follow steps in order, as they build on each other
  • Use the guides in each section to avoid errors and prevent delays
  • While forms can be submitted online, they are NOT processed automatically. Each form is processed manually and takes 5-7 business days to process
  • Important updates are sent ONLY to your SBCC Pipeline email


Start Here:  Enrollment Steps for All High School Students

Step 1
Apply and Verify Admission Application is active for desired term

Aplicar y verificar la solicitud de admisión está activo

Step 3
Submit and Verify Parent Consent Form 

Envíe y verifique el formulario de consentimiento de padres

Next Steps: Course Registration Approvals  


Your student status and course approvals are on a term by term basis. 

Prior to your registration date, you should ensure that you have completed all the required clearances.

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