SBCC Performing, Visual and Media Arts Pop-Up Exhibition

SBCC Performing, Visual and Media Arts Pop-Up Exhibition

Left: “March for Immigration Reform” by Andrew Stull; right: “Compost” by Megan Vega

May 05, 2021

SBCC Performing, Visual and Media Arts Pop-Up Exhibition

Now through May 31, the entire community is cordially invited to visit an online pop-up exhibition featuring the work of Santa Barbara City College students from the departments of American Ethnic Studies, Art, Film and Television Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Journalism, and Multimedia Arts and Technologies.

Students worked closely with faculty to create and articulate a body of thought-provoking work inspired by the theme of this year’s All-SBCC Student Conference hosted by the Honors Program, “Justice: Environmental, Economic, Racial.”

The exhibition, which represents a capstone to each student’s course of study and academic experience, is available to view virtually at It is the first exhibition presenting student work from across departments in the Career and Academic Pathway (CAP) as part of the Guided Pathways initiative at SBCC.

The student participants featured in this exhibition include: Alexa Mc Carthy, Alice Baeck, Amaris Gil, Andrew Stull, Christopher Ragland, Dakota Wooden, DK Hillmersson, Francisco Deleon, G Sandoval, Harmony Wallace, Johanna Falk, Julia Moore, Megan Vega, Mt Hellgren, Olga From, Olivia Powell, Pernilla Ojergren, Peter Svaerd, Rafael Baptistella, Saul Espinosa, SD Ferguso, Valerie Gonzalez, Viktor Kristiansson, Alyssa Morton, Rosazel Avila, Kristi Vivaldi, Madison McGovern, Oliver Raner, Felicia Bladh, Zayden Bates, Lauren Anderson, Natasha Lomeli, Erin Maguire, Liam Pollenz, Isabelle Holm, Tony Ibarra, Ryan Cruz, Kathryn Lubahn, Paola Pacheco, Susana Guerrero, Angelica Heredia, Evelyn Bailey, Michael Goodnough, Presley Simon, Morgan Liu, and Savannah Dryden.

The team extends its gratitude to the SBCC Foundation for its support of this project and for promoting the value of ARTS in all disciplines.