Fiscal Services


What We Do

The Fiscal Services department is comprised of three departments: Accounting, Payroll and Student Finance (Cashiers Office). We provide fiscal services to Faculty, Staff, and Students at large.

The Accounting and Payroll offices are located in A-130

The Student Finance Cashiers Office office is located in SS-150

Our staff is currently operating remotely due to COVID-19 Campus Closure. 


  • What We Do

    The Accounting Office provides accounting services and manages the finances of SBCC. It is responsible for accounts payables, receivables, tracking budgets and fund accounting. 

    Accounting is located in the Administration Building, A130, on the East Campus.

    Renee Collins (ext. 5195) -

      • District Accounts Payable
      • Trust & Auxiliary Accounts Payable
      • EOPS/Childcare Payments
      • Food Service Payments
      • Utility Payments
      • 1099/592 Reporting


    Patricia Raabe (ext. 2438) -

      • Mileage & Employee Reimbursements 
      • District Accounts Payable
      • Trust & Auxiliary Accounts Payable
      • Consultant Payments
      • Financial Aid Checks


    Lisa Saunders (ext 2775) -

      • Fiscal Reporting
      • Board Resolutions
      • Budget Control/Salary Projections
      • Expense/Budget Transfers
      • Sales Tax Returns
      • Simpler Training


    Cheryl Brown (ext 2582) -

      • Food Services Reporting
      • Expense/Budget Transfers
      • Expense Coding
      • Concur Questions


    Tonya Yescas (ext. 2557) -

      • Categorical Grant Control & Reporting
      • Categorical Board Resolutions


    Carlene Evans (ext. 2565) -

      • Bank Reconciliations
      • District Credit Card Administration
      • Concur Support


    Rudy Hill(ext. 4242) -

    Cesar Perfecto (ext. 4281) -
    Assistant Controller

    For general accounts payable questions, please email  

    For other budget or accounting inquiries, please join us in the Accounting & Purchasing Helpdesk via Zoom.  Helpdesk hours are held M-Th 9am-11am.

  • The Student Finance Office provides cash handling and accounting receivable services for the District as well as for Educational Programs and Trust, Auxiliary and Club initiatives at SBCC.

    The Cashiers Office serves students, faculty, staff, community members and other SBCC customers. We offer services by telephone, email, and webchat.  We also serve our customers during vitural helpdesk hours and in person, whe the Student Services Building is open.  Visit their Cashier's Office webpage for more information:

    Located at Student Services Building, Room SS-150
    Brittany Herrera 
    Student Finance and Accountants Receivable Technician III  -
    Cashier and Customer Services
    Parking Citation Payments
    Trust & Club Fund Administration and Deposits
    Sandy Ly 
    Student Finance and Accountants Receivable Technician III  -
    District Deposits
    Accounts Receivable Systems Trainer
    Ana Carter 
    Student Finance and Accountants Receivable Technician III  -
    Third Party Billing
    Santa Barbara City College Foundation Billing
    Orfalea Early Learning Center Billing
    Located at Administration Building, Room A-130
    Stephanie Linnander
    Student Finance and Accountants Receivable Technician II  -
    Payment Plans
    Student Refunds
    Veteran Benefit Payments
    International Payments
    Nicole Hubert 
    Student Finance Manager  -
    For inquiries about student accounts, email or webchat us if we're live, here:
  • What We Do

    The Payroll Office is responsible for preparation of paychecks for all employees of SBCC and for the processing of health and welfare benefits and other payroll deductions for faculty and staff.

    Payroll is located in the Administration Building, in A130, on the East Campus.

    Tracy Janecek (ext. 2342) -
    Payroll Manager

    Estela Lopez (ext. 2305) -
    Payroll Coordinator

    Payroll Technicians:

    Nancy Morales (ext. 2386) -

      • Hourly & Student Payroll
      • Employee Benefits/Payroll Deductions

    Joanne Hardarson (ext. 2794) -

      • Classified CSEA Payroll A-K
      • Hourly & Student Payroll

    Matthew Lorden (ext. 2226) -

      • Certificated Payroll
      • Classified CSEA Payroll L-Z

Campus Location


Payroll and Accounting
Administration Building
1st Floor, A-130

Student Finance/Cashiers Office
Student Services Building
1st Floor, SS-150

*Temporarily closed
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.